The Studio - Out of Town - Art

Sandra Ann Berti lives in a lovely village called Kimpton, Hertfordshire and works in her loft studio creating various artworks. Influences  of an outdoor nature and holidays to Greece and Cornwall, many of these have inspired and translate in her art.  Influenced by the great Artists - Patrick Heron for his bold use of colour and Jean-Michelle Basquiat for his grafitti style. She has a strong hands-on approach and whatever creative mood she is in, her work reflects both rich texture, a mix of vibrant and earthy colours. Berti's concern is not reproducing a likeness, but capturing the characteristics of her subject. Approaching  landscape in the same manner as still life, breaking down what she sees until the composition is right.  Work usually starts in the sketchbook where she will begin by drawing to get her ideas down, either from a photo or life, often manipulating by tearing or cutting bits of collage, using found objects and sometimes adding monoprint to create her own quirky style. Simplicity in its raw form is the ultimate goal. Also making bits out of 'tat' is another of her passions. Berti graduated as a mature student with a B.A. (Hons) in 2-dimensional design from The University of Hertfordshire in 1998 and continues to do various Art/Print courses.  She has exhibited extensively since 2000 and at present is an active committee member of The Kimpton Art Show and hosts along with Mitch various arty events.